Comin' up soon ! Sam Bush

Listen to the official audio of "In Tall Buildings" from Sam Bush's upcoming Smithsonian Folkways album, 'Radio John: Songs of John Hartford'. 'Radio John: Songs of John Hartford' is available November 11, 2022, on CD and digital. The LP version will be available in Spring 2023. Pre-order/stream: Smithsonian Folkways: Bandcamp: All other platforms: 'Radio John: Songs of John Hartford' is Sam Bush’s heartfelt tribute to his hero and mentor, John Hartford. With dedication, admiration, and love, Bush takes on personal favorites from Hartford’s vast catalog, including songs he played with Hartford on stage and in the studio in the 1970s. Bush plays every instrument on nearly every cut, pouring himself into the performances. 'Radio John' is a testament to the impact Hartford had on American traditional music as a songwriter, an instrumentalist, and, most importantly, someone who fostered the careers of musicians like Bush and countless others reinventing roots music in the last half of the 20th century.


  • Je vais "mettre mon plus beau costume" pour précommander cet opus. J'en avais déjà vu la pub sur "bluegrass today" me semble-t-il mais tu as raison de faire la promo sur le forum. A n'en pas douter, ce sera.... hum ... délicieux😉

  • Merci Denis.

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