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Bluegrass in La Roche 2021, what is in sight (update May 05)?


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Will there be concerts ? A workshop or not, sleeping possibilities or not ? Jams in town ?

Well, answers below, copy of the Organization Comitee.

News of La Roche Bluegrass Festival.

The festival will go ahead as planned from Friday July 30 to Sunday August 1 with a name change for 2021 : BLUEGRASS IN LA ROCHE. There will be Bluegrass and it will be in La Roche!

  • 12 bands from France and neighbouring Switzerland and Italy will perform.
  • Capacity will be set at 990 people (including volunteers and artists)
  • The site will be set up to be Covid compliant and all protocols in force at the time of the event will be respected (masks, distancing, etc.).
  • We hope to have a food and beverage operation on site.
  • Entrance will be ticketed to help cover festival costs with an online reservation system coming soon.
  • Street Festival is cancelled and jamming may be possible in town.

There will be no festival market, instrument check, luthiers hall, workshop, campsite or shuttle services.​

End of the Comitee annoucement.

So for now, let us just rejoice of a nice line up on the main stage :

Friday July 30th

  • 20:00 Christian Labonne
  • 21:30 Long John Brothers
  • 23:00 Roots & Drive

Saturday July 31rst

  • 14:00 Taquine
  • 15:30 : Sweet River Band
  • 17:00 : Silène & the Dreamcatchers


  • 20:00 : Beauregard Boys
  • 21:30 : Martha Fields
  • 23:00 : Red Wine

Sunday August 01rst

  • 14:00 : Watson Bridge
  • 15:30 : Dear John
  • 17:00 : Moonshine

The official web site La Roche Bluegrass Festival.

Greetings to the guys in the Comity. They really do a great job trying to hold the light nevertheless!

This post was written by Ti' Pierre


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